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Windshield repair has been a proven method for over 30 years and for many customers is an affordable and effective solution to replacing a windshield. Most customers are impressed after the repair is complete and ask, “where did it go”? That is a comment I never get tired of hearing!

As a windshield repair will significantly improve the visual clarity to a damaged windshield as well as restore its’ structural integrity, it should be noted that any repair can still be visible to some extent. We advise our customers that a full replacement may be necessary for damages beyond the scope of repair, those that will potentially distract the driver or for those who want their windshield to have no evidence of any repair. Give us a call for a free estimate

Before and After

Star Repair

Crack Repair

Long Crack Repair Facts:

  • Restores windshield strength
  • Repair cracks before they spread.
  • All repairs guaranteed.
  • While repairing a crack will restore the strength to the windshield, stop it from spreading and improve the appearance, crack repairs of any length will be visible to some extent.
  • Cracks up to 20″ can be repaired.
  • The newer the crack, the better visual results will be achieved.
  • Rain, dew, car washes and pollution add contamination to the length of a crack limiting the asthetic results.

Combination Repair

Bullseye. Stops the crack from spreading