Complete and honest information is always provided to our customers. We first evaluate each customers situation to determine what their needs really are. Then we provide all options available to the customer as well as suggesting the best course of action. On those occasions when our product or service is not the right choice, we will tell the customer. We will earn our customers trust and not compromise our integrity for a quick sale.

Our Prices

  • Stone Chip Repair………………………………………………………………Starting at $60.00.
  • Additional Stone Chips On Same Vehicle……………………………$25.00 ea.
  • Long Crack Repair (up to 18″ long)……………………………………..$85.00

Our Proven Repair Process

Clear the broken glass The damaged area is cleared of all broken glass and debris form the impact point.
An injector is applied over the impact point which draws a vacuum, removing any air from the break.
A glass specific resin is injected into the break via the impact point, called the pressure cycle. Alternating vacuum and pressure cycles are performed until all the air is removed and resin has penetrated all voids of the break.
The resin is cured using an ultraviolet light. This process is equally important and ensures the integrity of the repair.

While Awaiting repair

What To do:

  • Clean, dry breaks make better repairs. Cover the chip A.S.A.P. to avoid contaminants that can hamper the repair. Place a small piece of clear plastic tape (approximately 1/2-inch by1/2-inch in size) over the impact point on the exterior of the windshield. Do not place tape that will block or obstruct your vision while driving. The tape will not prevent the damage from spreading, but will keep dirt from getting into the cracks while you await repair.
  • Repair the damage immediately to keep it from spreading.
  • Repairs cannot be performed outside in inclement weather. Keeping the vehicle inside overnight prior to repairing is optimal.

What Not To do:

  • Don’t use your defroster. The rush of hot or cold air could cause the ding to crack.
  • Don’t wash your vehicle. The water will contaminate the damaged area and could cause the crack to grow.
  • Don’t touch the ding with your finger or any tool. You could cause the damage to spread or even contaminate it.
  • Don’t slam your door shut. The excess pressure combined with the impact could cause the ding to continue to crack. Leave a window slightly open when shutting doors.
  • Don’t dig a surface scratch in the glass over the tip of the crack. This seldom prevents a crack from running and only causes additional surface damage on the windshield that cannot be repaired.
  • Do not use fingernail polish or super glue to fill the damaged area! The microscopic passages within the break will become clogged and impossible to repair properly.
  • Avoid parking in the hot, direct sun. Leave a window slightly open to reduce temperatures inside the vehicle. Hot windshields are weaker and tend to crack more easily.